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I have two identical ENVY 15t notebooks and am trying to sync them so that any changes made on one of the computers to a document I put in the Dropbox folder is automatically reflected on the other computer. I installed Dropbox on both machines. Looking at the Dropbox internet page on each computer side by side, they are identical (meaning the user name is the same, email is the same, even the browser address name is the same) problem is that while testing it I put a document in the dropbox folder on machine (1) but it doesn't show up on machine (2). I also took a couple of pictures on my iPhone and they downloaded to machine (2) but don't show up on machine (1).

My understanding is that once I install Dropbox on both computers using the same email address that if I put a document in either computer's Dropbox folder, it would automatically show up on the other computer. What am I doing wrong?

Have you set up an account at Dropbox.com ?

Have you set up an account at Dropbox.com ?

Apparently I have. When I type "Dropbox.com on Firefox, it pu;;s up what I have in my Dropbox folder

When you add something to the dropbox folder on machine #1, does it show up at Dropbox.com (even if it doesn't show up on your other machine)?

What about when you do the same on machine #2?

I added a document to the Dropbox folder on machine 1 and went to Dropbox and it showed up on machine 1 but not on machine 2. I then did the same thing on machine 2 and the document showed up on Dropbox on machine 2 but not machine 1.

I incorrectly told you that both machines have the same email account in settings. I tried to change one of them so that would both have the same email account but it won't let me because it says that that email is already in use. I noticed on the left menu that there is a "share" item. Is that something I need to use in orther for the two machines to share their stuff?

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