mail record to one ip and mx to another

Hi All,

Can I have point to local server IP and point to hosted exchange with a different ip.
Will this stuff up my email delivery?

What happened was, I started email migration using as the source, but now that have a dns change to, i can't continue the migration because there is no longer a

So if i add a back to the server IP and keep the to the new mail server. will this cause email problems.

Thanks in advance.

i forgot to mention is a A record and is an MX record.

i forgot to mention is a A record and is an MX record.

The short answer is, yes. A domain's MX record tells the internet where to send mail for that domain. An MX record references an A record, but it does not have to be the A record for the mail server. Often, companies will have incoming mail delivered to a spam filter, which then delivers to the mail server.

The email trouble you might have is with internal clients -- if they are looking for incoming mail at mail.domain .com, it won't be there unless it is being forwarded there by

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